Physical activity, quality of sleep, and quality of life in Italy: the long tail effect of the COVID-19 lockdown

From March 2020 to May 2021, several lockdown periods caused by COVID-19 pandemic have limited, with varying degrees of severity, the people’s usual activities and mobility in Italy, as well as around the world. These unprecedented confinement measures, together with the COVID-related consequences, dramatically modified the citizens’ daily lifestyles and behaviours. However, with the advent of summer 2021, thanks also to the vaccination campaign which significantly reduced the risk of contagion, all the Italian regions finally returned to regular moving behaviours and routines. In spite of this, it is plausible that the potential consequences of lockdown are still persistent within the Italian citizens, and whether people’s quality of life, sleep- and physical activity-related behaviours have returned to the pre-lockdown level is still unclear. This dataset could permit to evaluate the long tail effect of COVID-19 lockdown in Italy comparing the respondents' habits and well-being status of respondents in the months before (November 2019 and January 2020) and in the months long-after (November 2021 and January 2022) the confinement periods. Thanks to this dataset, it will be possible to obtain accurate insights of the changes induced by COVID-119 lockdown period in the Italians' health that will permit to provide practical suggestions at local, regional, and state institutions and companies to improve infrastructures and services that could be beneficial to Italians' wellbeing.

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Anonymisation Methodology The personal data (e.g., Name, Surname and personal contact) were not recorded in order to guarantee the privacy of the respondents.
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Record Of Processing Activities The research protocol for this study was approved by the bioethical committee of the University of Pisa (27/2021) and the ethical committee of the European Community’s H2020 Program SoBigData++ research infrastructure (BOEL20211018RP). Participants, before filling in the questionnaire, were asked to read and approve an informed consent for the use of the personal data. The consent document deeply explained the project's aims, methods, possible risks, and benefits of the study. The personal data (e.g., Name, Surname and personal contact) were not recorded in order to guarantee the privacy of the respondents. Participants provided consent to share survey data.
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