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    TARS based prediction for Next Basket

    Nowadays, a hot challenge for supermarket chains is to offer personalized services to their customers. Market basket prediction, i.e., supplying the customer a shopping list...
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    Nowcasting well-being with human mobility data

    This method describes an analytical framework to nowcast well-being by using mobility measures extracted from mobile phone data.
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    Explaining the difference between men and women football

    Women's football is gaining supporters and practitioners worldwide, raising questions about what the differences are with men's football. While the two sports are often...
  • Method

    Data-driven ranking of soccer teams

    A methodology per ranking soccer teams based on soccer logs
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    Injury forecaster for soccer players

    An algorithm to forecast the injuries of soccer players given their training workload
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    Soccer teams ranking simulator

    This algorithm simulates the outcomes of an entire season of each team of a football league only relying on technical data (i.e., excluding the goals scored), by exploiting a...
  • Method

    PlayeRank evaluation framework

    The problem of evaluating the performance of soccer players is attracting the interest of many companies and the scientific community, thanks to the availability of massive...
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    XAI Method for explaining time-series

    LASTS is a framework that can explain the decisions of black box models for time series classification. The explanation consists of factual and counterfactual rules revealing...
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    Geolet is a Python library that offers an interpretable transformation and classification approach for trajectory data. Geolet first partitions trajectories into multiple...
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    Analysis of changes in visits to public venues during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), aimed at reducing the diffusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, has dramatically influenced our behaviour in everyday life. We developed...
  • Method

    Privacy Risk on Trajectories

    This method provides a Privacy Risk Assessment on mobility data, in terms of trajectories or aggregation of trajectories, i.e., locations with frequency of visit and locations...
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  • Method

    GSP - Geo-Semantic-Parsing

    GSP receives a text document as input and returns an enriched document, where all mentions of places/locations are associated to the corresponding geographic coordinates. To...
  • Dataset

    Municipality Transition index in Spain

    Computation of the Municipality Transition Index (MTI) in Spain. Data are collected according to the method described in according to the paper: Alessio Muscillo, Simona Re,...
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  • TrainingMaterial

    Introduction to Data Curation

    This course is an introduction to data collection, data preparation & transformation and data analysis. It contains the essential concepts for a researcher in order to...
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  • Experiment

    Regional Bioelectrical Phase Angle Is More Informative than Whole-Body Phase ...

    The objective of this study was to investigate the association between regional and total phase angle (PhA) with lower-body neuromuscular performance in young elite soccer...
  • Experiment

    Blood sample profile helps to injury forecasting in elite soccer players

    Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, number of red blood cells, testosterone, and ferritin were the most important features that allowed to profile players and to analyze the response to...
  • Experiment

    Special Issue Frontiers in Physiology - Performance and recovery in team spor...

    the scope of the Special Issue is to advance knowledge of the factors affecting sports performance and recovery emphasizing the use of novel strategies to alleviate and...
  • Experiment

    Single and combined effect of kinesio tape and warm-up on sprint cycling perf...

    The fact that kinesio tape may be capable to enhance muscle power would qualify it as practical tool to be considered during passive warm-up (WU) or coupled with active WU...
  • Experiment

    Automatic detection of soccer roles from soccer-logs

    In this experiment we processed game events available in soccer-logs in order to identify in an unsupervised way (i.e., using a data mining clustering algorithm) a set of roles.
  • Experiment

    A new strategy for the somatotype quantification in Elite Soccer Players

    Easy-to-apply and quick methods for evaluate body composition are often preferred when assessing soccer teams. This experiment aimed to develop new equations for the...
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