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Welcome to the Catalogue!

Here you will find data and other resources of interest for the research community.

In particular, the catalogue contains a list of datasets and methods that are suitable for activities including text and social media mining, web analytics, social network analysis, visual analytics, human mobility analytics, social data.

All the products are accompanied with rich descriptions capturing general attributes, e.g. title and creator(s); accessibility properties, e.g. VA or TNA; technical properties, e.g. size and format; legal and ethical attributes, e.g. whether containing personal data; intellectual properties, e.g. licences. Catalogue statistics

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More about Types

  • Applications: applications are VREs offering dedicated high-performance access to a specific data analysis services or framework.
  • Datasets: datasets are research or industrial data, useful for experiments, which can made available with different degrees of access grants: free direct download, on request, or only by visiting the hosting site (Transactional Access).
  • Deliverables: deliverables are the public documents published by the project.
  • Experiments: experiments are the expression of a collaboration between SoBigData researchers and other users in order to explore a specific problem. The idea is to use experiments as global references which may be used in scientific and industrial papers and project.
  • Methods: methods resources are data analysis software which can either be provided “as downloadable software” or “as an executable procedure”. Read more...

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