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    Nowcasting well-being with human mobility data

    This method describes an analytical framework to nowcast well-being by using mobility measures extracted from mobile phone data.
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    A Narrative Review for a Machine Learning Application in Sports: An Example B...

    In the last decade, the number of studies about machine learning algorithms applied to sports, e.g., injury forecasting and athlete performance prediction, have rapidly...
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    SDNN24 Estimation from Semi-Continuous HR Measures

    The standard deviation of the interval between QRS complexes recorded over 24 h (SDNN24) is an important metric of cardiovascular health. Wrist-worn fitness wearable devices...
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    Relationship between External and Internal Workloads in Soccer Players

    The use of machine learning (ML) in soccer allows for the management of a large amount of data deriving from the monitoring of sessions and matches. Although the rate of...
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    Estimation of Resting Heart Rate circadian rhythm

    Wrist-worn wearable devices equipped with heart rate (HR) sensors have become increasingly popular. The ability to correctly interpret the collected data is fundamental to...
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    Geolet is a Python library that offers an interpretable transformation and classification approach for trajectory data. Geolet first partitions trajectories into multiple...
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    Private TraffiCO2: a simulative framework to assess navigation systems' impact on CO2...

    TraffiCO2 is a simulation framework to assess the impact of GPS navigation apps on urban well-being in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. TraffiCO2 uses GPS data to...
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    Private Connected vehicle simulation framework for parking occupancy prediction

    This work demonstrates a simulation framework that collects data about connected vehicles' locations and surroundings in a realistic traffic scenario. Our focus lies on the...
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    Event Attendance Prediction using Twitter

    An event classification package.
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    Changes of mobility routines during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs), aimed at reducing the diffusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, have dramatically influenced our everyday behaviour. This method allows to...
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    Generating Synthetic Mobility Networks with Generative Adversarial Networks

    The increasingly crucial role of human displacements in complex societal phenomena, such as traffic congestion, segregation, and the diffusion of epidemics, is attracting the...
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    Analysis of changes in visits to public venues during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), aimed at reducing the diffusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, has dramatically influenced our behaviour in everyday life. We developed...
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    A collection of methods (relying on the scikit-mobility and OSMnx Python libraries) to compute emissions starting from vehicles' mobility trajectories. In particular, methods...
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    Privacy Risk on Trajectories

    This method provides a Privacy Risk Assessment on mobility data, in terms of trajectories or aggregation of trajectories, i.e., locations with frequency of visit and locations...
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    Introduction to Data Curation

    This course is an introduction to data collection, data preparation & transformation and data analysis. It contains the essential concepts for a researcher in order to...
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    Estimation of emissions from vehicles' GPS trajectories

    We used the mobility-emission methods (https://data.d4science.org/ctlg/ResourceCatalogue/mobility-emissions) to perform experiments on real GPS trajectories describing 433,272...
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    Simulation of individual mobility using STS-EPR

    In this experiment we simulate the mobility of individuals in New York City, London, and Tokyo, using STS-EPR. For each city, we compare the synthetic trajectories generated...
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    Soccer & data cup - Expo Dubai 2020

    Soccer & Data Cup at Expo Dubai 2020 will be a 3-days international hybrid marathon of Sport Analytics combining fundamental techniques of data analysis and Artificial...
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    Volleyball-specific skills and cognitive functions can discriminate the level...

    The aim of this study was to investigate whether volleyball-specific skills, physical performance, and general cognitive functions differ between players of different...
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    Scikit-mobility is a library for human mobility analysis in Python. The library allows to: represent trajectories and mobility flows with proper data structures, TrajDataFrame...
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