Epidemics and city. How mobility and well being changed with COVID19 era

How did the COVID-19 epidemics change our mobility habits, and how did it impact on people’s well-being and on the virus transmissibility? In the first webinar of the seminar series organized by SoBigData, we will address these questions, as well as many others, from the perspective of Data Science and Environmental Epidemiology. Dino Pedreschi is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa where is co-leading the KDD Lab and is Coordinator of the Data Science Ph.D. https://kdd.isti.cnr.it/people/pedres... Professor Paolo Vineis is Chair of Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College, London and he leads the Exposome and Health theme of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environmentand Health at Imperial College. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/people/p.v... Both speakers have been involved in the Task Forces nominated by the Italian Government for the Covid-19 emergency

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Course Epidemics and the city: how human mobility and well-being changed during the COVID-19 era
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