SoBigData Literacy

This working environment is conceived to support the collaborative development of a curated collection of literature of interest for the SoBigData Community. The collection consists of a catalogue service enacting authorized members to publish literature of interest and organize the selected contents to facilitate discovery and access.

The literature repository includes works on Privacy, Fairness and justice, Legal and Ethical concerns, Transparency and Explainability, Accountability and Responsibility and, more generally, topics there are deemed to be relevant for the whole SoBigData Community. Moreover, a social networking area enables users of the environment to collaboratively contribute to the development of the selected literature by commenting on published contents as well as suggesting new contents of interest.

The items in the repository are grouped in categories according to different types of publishing, i.e. journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers. Furthermore, tags are assigned to each item so that also a thematic classification is possible which renders the search for contents of interest particularly straightforward.