Papers on Gender Bias in Academic Promotions

This dataset contains the result of a systematic mapping study conducted to analyse how the issue of gender bias in academic promotions has been addressed by the literature. The papers were extracted from Scopus in October 2023 and manually filtered to select only relevant peer-reviewed works from journals and conferences. For each paper, we have extracted the following features:

  • Title: The title of the paper;
  • Year: The year in which the paper was published;
  • Source Title: The title of the journal or proceedings where the paper was published;
  • Country: The country in which the analysis refers to (in case of multiple countries we report Multi-Country);
  • Faculty Area: The academic macro-area the analysis refers to. In case the study performs aggregated analyses on gender bias in multiple areas or the entire academia, we reported Multi-Area, unless differently specified in the paper (like STEM or ICT);
  • Analysed Process: The process the analysis focuses on. Based on our inclusion criteria, the process can be either Recruitment, Promotions or Both;
  • Data Source: The source of the data used in the analysis;
  • Statistical Approach: The approach used to perform the analysis. The analysis can employ a descriptive approach, an inferential approach or both approaches;
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