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  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Nowcasting well-being with human mobility data

    This method describes an analytical framework to nowcast well-being by using mobility measures extracted from mobile phone data.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    DebtRank Systemic Risk Estimation Method

    The DebtRank algorithm is used to estimate the impact of shocks in financial networks, as it overcomes the limitations of the traditional default-cascade approaches.The method...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    WikiData Geo Mapper

    Look up entities found by TAGME in Wikidata and extract geographical information.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method


    TILES: an algorithm for community discovery in dynamic social networks
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Twitter preprocessor

    Tokeniser, lemmatiser, extraction of negation. Under development.
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    .ee Web archive

    .ee Web archive consisting of snapshots from 2015
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    CDR data - Tuscany

    Data from Telecommunication company
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    SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Private Call Data Record District of Pisa 2013 October

    The dataset contains mobile phone records collected in the provinces of Pisa, Lucca, Livorno and Firenze in October 2013. It contains about 60 mln of Call Data Records (CDRs),...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    CDR Data - Rome

    CDR data from telecommunication company
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Estonian public sector electronic services and service providers and consumers

    The dataset contains records of electronic services (aka X-Road services), service providers and consumers harvested in April 2014 from RIHA (https://riha.eesti.ee). The data...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Facebook - New Orleans regional network

    This dataset contains information about 90,269 users and 3,646,662 friendship links between those users. These users belong to the New Orleans Facebook regional network. The...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Twitter Dumps

    The dataset consists of the 10% of the daily stream of tweets produced on Twitter filtered into 3 subsets: English, Italian, geo-referenced. The tweets are a random sample of...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Retail market dataset

    The dataset contains purchases of Unicoop Tirreno customers, description and information of the shops (both small shops and supermarkets) and the customers.
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Social Network dataset - LiveJournal

    LiveJournal is a free on-line blogging community where users declare friendship each other. LiveJournal also allows users form a group which other members can then join. We...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Word Sense Evolution Testset

    This testset consists of 23 terms which have experienced word sense change during the past centuries. The main changes for each term were found using Wikipedia, dictionary.com...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method


    It is a general method to determine the influence of social and mobility behavior over a specific geographical area in order to evaluate to what extent the current...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Carpooling Network Analysis

    Our method analyzes the potential impact of carpooling as a collective phenomenon emerging from people׳s mobility, by network analytics. Based on big mobility data from...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method


    Carpooling, i.e., the act where two or more travelers share the same car for a common trip, is one of the possibilities brought forward to reduce traffic and its...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    GeoTopics - A method and system to explore urban activity

    GeoTopics is a system to explore geographical patterns of urban activity. The system collects publicly shared check-ins generated by Foursquare users, that reveal who spends...
  • SoBigData.eu: Method


    Framework to model and analyze multidimensional networks
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