Semantic Networks from news articles (Danish sample)

The Semantic Networks from news articles (Danish sample) contains semantic networks for a sample of migration-related news articles extracted from the dataset described in Pluralistic Recommendation in News [1]). The networks, i.e., nodes and edges, are generated using the Emoatlas library [2] on the raw news texts in English. Each news article is identified by a random UUID, i.e., uuid.uuid4(), and is represented by the unweighted edges and nodes of the network. In addition, it is enriched with the publication date, the name of the media (in anonymized form), the country, and the language.

[1] Pluralistic Recommendation in News, url [2] Semeraro, A., Vilella, S., Mohammad, S., Ruffo, G., & Stella, M. (2023). EmoAtlas: An emotional profiling tool merging psychological lexicons, artificial intelligence and network science.

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    The Semantic Networks from news articles (Danish sample) contains semantic...

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Field Value
Anonymisation Methodology News articles and their Media Names are replaced by random UUIDs, i.e., uuid.uuid4()
Anonymised Pseudo Anonymized
ChildrenData No
Cross Border Authorised No
Data Protection Impact Assessment No
Ethics Committee Approval No
General Data Yes
Informed Consent Template No
Non Personal Data Explanation The dataset contains semantic networks for a sample of news articles.
Personal Data No
Personal data was manifestly made public by the data subject N/A (Not appliable)
Sensitive Data No
Additional Info
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Accessibility Both
Accessibility Mode Download
Availability On-Line
Basic rights Download
Creation Date 2023-11-29
Creator Laura Pollacci,,
Dataset Citation Pluralistic Recommendation in News, url
Dataset Re-Use Safeguards None
Field/Scope of use Non-commercial research only
Format csv
Group Migration Studies
Group Societal Debates and Misinformation
IP/Copyrights University of Pisa
Language dan, Danish
License term 2023-11-29 /2030-11-29
Manifestation Type Virtual
Processing Degree Secondary
Retention Period 2030-11-29
Semantic Coverage semantic networks, news articles, migration
Size 943
SoBigData Node SoBigData IT
SoBigData Node SoBigData EU
Sublicense rights No
Territory of use World Wide
Thematic Cluster Social Data [SD]
Thematic Cluster Social Network Analysis [SNA]
Thematic Cluster Text and Social Media Mining [TSMM]
Time Coverage 2016-01-01 /2021-12-31
{"type":"Polygon", "coordinates":[[[7.680175602436066,57.91992187500001],[7.680175602436066,53.87695312500001],[12.909667789936066,53.87695312500001],[12.909667789936066,57.91992187500001],[7.680175602436066,57.91992187500001]]]}
system:type Dataset
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Author Pollacci Laura
Maintainer Pollacci Laura
Version 1
Last Updated 29 November 2023, 17:16 (CET)
Created 29 November 2023, 15:42 (CET)