Ethical Value Centric Cybersecurity. A Methodology Based on a Value Graph

Our society is being shaped in a non-negligible way by the technological advances of recent years, especially in information and communications technologies (ICTs). The pervasiveness and democratization of ICTs have allowed people from all backgrounds to access and use them, which has resulted in new information-based assets. At the same time, this phenomenon has brought a new class of problems, in the form of activists, criminals and state actors that target the new assets to achieve their goals, legitimate or not. Cybersecurity includes the research, tools and techniques to protect information assets. However, some cybersecurity measures may clash with the ethical values of citizens. We analyze the synergies and tensions between some of these values, namely security, privacy, fairness and autonomy. From this analysis, we derive a value graph, and then we set out to identify those paths in the graph that lead to satisfying all four aforementioned values in the cybersecurity setting, by taking advantage of their synergies and avoiding their tensions. We illustrate our conceptual discussion with examples of enabling technologies. We also sketch how our methodology can be generalized to any setting where several potentially conflicting values have to be satisfied.

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Author Domingo-Ferrer, Josep,,
Author Blanco-Justicia, Alberto
Group Ethics and Legality
Publisher Springer
Source Science and Engineering Ethics volume 26, pages1267–1285 (2020)
Thematic Cluster Privacy Enhancing Technology [PET]
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