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  • Dataset

    Emergency Tweets 2016 Amatrice earthquake

    This dataset contais Italian tweets related to the earthquake of 2016 in the Centre of Italy (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terremoto_del_Centro_Italia_del_2016_e_d...). is...
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  • Experiment

    Automatic detection of soccer roles from soccer-logs

    In this experiment we processed game events available in soccer-logs in order to identify in an unsupervised way (i.e., using a data mining clustering algorithm) a set of roles.
  • Experiment

    A new strategy for the somatotype quantification in Elite Soccer Players

    Easy-to-apply and quick methods for evaluate body composition are often preferred when assessing soccer teams. This experiment aimed to develop new equations for the...
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    Scikit-mobility is a library for human mobility analysis in Python. The library allows to: represent trajectories and mobility flows with proper data structures, TrajDataFrame...
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