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    Matlas - TClustering

    Ordering points to identify the clustering structure (OPTICS) is an algorithm for finding density-based clusters in spatial data. Its basic idea is similar to DBSCAN,but it...
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    Dictionary creator

    Creates a dictionary with inverse document frequency (idf) values from the Google NGrams dataset
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    Web Archive Collection Extractor

    Extracts event-centric collections of Web Archives through a focused crawling method.
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    Privacy Risk on Trajectories

    Privacy Risk Assessment on mobility data, in terms of trajectories or aggregation of trajectories, i.e., locations with frequency of visit and locations with probability of visit
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    Segregation discovery method from both tabular and social network data
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    Tail granger causality network construction

    Construct a causality network by implementing Granger-causality tests for extreme events in multivariate time series
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    Maximum entropy network reconstruction

    Reconstruct a bipartite network via entropy maximization
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    Statistical validation

    a method to filter a large complex network to its backbone structure by means of statistical hypothesis testing. This method is available as a downloadable software and via the...
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    DEMON is a local-first approach to community discovery, able to unveil the modular organization of real complex networks. This is achieved by democratically letting each node...
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    DebtRank Systemic Risk Estimation Method

    Method to assess the distress of nodes in an interbank network
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    MaxAndSam Network Recontruction Method

    Method to reconstruct socio-economic and financial networks from partial information
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    Privacy Risk on Sociometer

    Privacy Risk Assessment on CDR data, aggregated through presence vectors used by Sociometer
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    Private Digital DNA fingerprinting

    The "Digital DNA fingerprinting" is a spambot detection technique based on the "Digital DNA" online behavioral modeling technique. Given a set of Twitter user timelines, it is...
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    QuickRank is an efficient Learning to Rank toolkit providing multithreaded C++ implementation of several algorithms: GBRT, LambdaMART, Oblivious GBRT / LambdaMART,...
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    Polarized User and Topic Tracking

    Digital traces of conversations in micro-blogging platforms and in OSNs provide information about user opinion with a high degree of resolution. These information sources can...
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    Origin Destination Matrix

    For most kind of analyses in the field of traffic planning, there is a need for origin– destination (OD) matrices, which specify the travel demands between the origin and...
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    Nowcasting migration stocks and flows

    Using Twitter data we build a model that is able to nowcast migration stocks and flows. Under development.
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    Network Diffusion Library REST Service. This project offers a REST interface for the NDlib Python library.
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    Network diffusion library: set of models to simulate disease spreading and opinion dynamics
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    Modelling Scientific Migration

    Adapting general migration models to understand scientific migration. Under development.
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