Dataset Adult

The adult dataset includes $48,842$ instances with demographic information like age, workclass, marital-status, race, capital-loss, capital-gain etc. The income attribute takes class values ``50K''.

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Additional Info
Field Value
Accessibility Both
AccessibilityMode OnLine Access
Availability On-Line
Basic rights Making available to the public
ChildrenData No
Consent obtained also covers the envisaged transfer of the personal data outside the EU N/A (Not appliable)
Consent of the data subject N/A (Not appliable)
CreationDate 2019-01-23
Creator Guidotti, Riccardo,
DataProtectionDirective UCI Regulations
External Identifier
Field/Scope of use Any use
Language Select Language
License term /Not specified
ManifestationType Virtual
Personal data was manifestly made public by the data subject N/A (Not appliable)
PersonalData No
PersonalSensitiveData Select PersonalSensitiveData
ProcessingDegree Primary
Sublicense rights No
Territory of use World Wide
ThematicCluster Social Data
TimeCoverage 1994-01-01 14:00/1994-12-31 14:00
system:type Dataset
Management Info
Field Value
Author Guidotti Riccardo
Maintainer Guidotti Riccardo
Version 1
Last Updated 22 December 2020, 17:48 (CET)
Created 23 January 2019, 14:22 (CET)