D4.1 Periodic Training Planning Report 1

Deliverable 4.1 is a Periodic Training Planning Report scheduled for M18 of the SoBigData project. It reports on the major activities that have taken place in Work Package 4. Seven major activities were organised in the reporting period: two summer schools, three hackathons, a training course and a master program. The total number of participants to these activities was 313. Organisers provided gender information on 161 participants, of whom 62% were male and 38% female. Likewise, organisers provided a cost analysis that shows how partners have individually invested in SoBigData activities, aside from using the projects’ budget. Interactive learning environments are described in detail, highlighting work done in order to provide tailor-made solutions to participants involved in the various activities but also for the purpose of their further study outside the events. Summer schools were designed around an in-depth analysis and hands-on approach, with the involvement of private sector professionals. A number of hackathons was organised by partners, ranging from Internet of Things to data journalism and privacy. Hackathons provided a direct hands-on approach to SoBigData project themes. The deliverable finally explores activities targeted at high school students and a postgraduate Master program, both of which are highly successful among participants.

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