D1.1 All Relevant Boards established

This document provides a full description of the project management structure. On the one hand, it describes the key project roles; namely the project coordinators, project manager and work package leaders. Furthemore, it provides the list of members for each key role. On the other hand, this deliverable overviews all the relevant boards established into SoBigData project. The boards described include: the project management board, project management team, project steering board, general assembly, ethics board, transnational access - management board and the project advisory board. All the descriptions include the name of the members for every established board.

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Creator Valerio Grossi, vgrossi@di.unipi.it
DeliverableAuthors Kalina Bontcheva (USFD), Chiara Falchi (CNR), Fosca Giannotti (CNR), Valerio Grossi (CNR), Dino Pedreschi (UNIPI)
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PublicationDate 2015-12-01
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