D10.5 SoBigData e-Infrastructure software release 1

This document is intended as a follow up of deliverable 10.2, which detailed the SoBigData infrastructure release plan in terms of the deployment and customization of gCube services on top of the existing and operational D4Science infrastructure. Specifically, the SoBigData e-infrastructure will consist of four main components, i.e. the SoBigData portal, SoBigData Virtual Organization, SoBigData Resource Catalogue, and a number of VREs serving community needs. This deliverable provides the list and pointers to the software packages produced by the project and implementing such components, whose operation today constitutes the SoBigData infrastructure accessible from http://sobigdata.d4science.org.

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Creator Valerio Grossi, valerio.grossi@di.unipi.it
DeliverableAuthors Massimiliano Assante (CNR), Leonardo Candela (CNR), Luca Frosini (CNR), Lucio Lelii (CNR), Francesco Mangiacrapa (CNR), Pasquale Pagano (CNR)
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PublicationDate 2016-08-01
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