D10.2 SoBigData e- Infrastructure release plan 1

SoBigData WP10 is called to support the development of the SoBigData e-Infrastructure in close collaboration with other work packages that are respectively called (a) to operate the infrastructure to provide virtual access to the integrated resources (WP7), (b) integrate existing and newly collected datasets in the infrastructure (WP8), and (c) integrate existing tools and methods for mining social data in the infrastructure (WP9). In particular, WP10 puts in place actions comprising: (i) studies and definition of best practices/policies for the harmonization of federated resources available at the local infrastructure sites; (ii) support for adaptation of existing resources to the identified best practices; and (iii) realization of VREs supporting scientists in benefitting from the integration of the federated resources and infrastructures. This deliverable describes the development plan characterising the release and development of the SoBigData e-Infrastructure. This is the first of three versions of the plan, each describing the actions associated with a specific version of the infrastructure to be made available at M12 (August 2016), M24 (August 2017) and M36 (August 2018). In particular, the deliverable focuses on the plan leading to the first release of the SoBigData e-Infrastructure at M12.

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