D10.12 VRE specification and software 1

This deliverable describes how the software documented by “D10.5 SoBigData e-Infrastructure software release 1” has been exploited to make available the components envisaged in “D10.2 SoBigData e- Infrastructure release plan 1”, i.e. the SoBigData portal (and the underlying Virtual Organisation), the SoBigData Catalogue, and the SoBigData Virtual Research Environments. It is just a placeholder of the actual deliverable that being of type “other” has been implemented via a set of web sites and pages: (i) the SoBigData portal https://sobigdata.d4science.org/ representing the gateway for accessing and exploiting the SoBigData infrastructure and its services, (ii) the SoBigData.eu Catalogue available at https://ckan- sobigdata.d4science.org/ for searching and browsing the SoBigData.eu published products, and (iii) the Virtual Research Environments, namely (a) SoBigData.eu VRE – conceived to provide the SoBigData.eu project members with a VRE-based working environment, (b) SoBigData.it VRE – conceived to provide the SoBigData.it initiative members with a VRE-based working environment, (c) Resource Catalogue VRE – conceived to enable SoBigData.eu members to populate the catalogue by registering products (datasets and methods) worth sharing in the community, and (d) TagMe VRE – conceived to provide its users with an environment for exploiting the TagMe facility.

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