D10.11 Data processing workflow specification language

Research e-infrastructures are “systems of systems”, patchworks of tools, services and data sources, evolving over time to address the needs of the scientific process. Scientist implement their processes by workflows that include usage of web services, download of shared software libraries, or tools, access to workflow execution engines. In such scenarios, scientists may obtain interesting results by reusing common tools, but the underpinning heterogeneity hinders their ability to represent, share and reproduce such workflows. The work here presented is FLARE, a workflow language addressing the problem of supporting the specification of a scientific process in highly-heterogeneous e-Infrastructures. FLARE lays in between business process modeling languages, which offer a formal and high-level description of a reasoning, protocol, or procedure, and workflow execution languages, which enable the fully automated execution of a sequence of computational steps via dedicated engines.

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