Archive Spark

An Apache Spark framework for easy data processing, extraction as well as derivation for archival collections. Originally developed for the use with Web archives, it has now been extended to support any archival dataset through Data Specifications. ArchiveSpark incorporates lightweight metadata records about the items in a dataset, which are commonly available for archival collections. Now, basic operations, like filtering, deduplication, grouping, sorting, will be performed on these metadata records, before they get enriched with additional information from the actual data records. Hence, rather than starting from everything and removing unnecessary data, ArchiveSpark starts from metadata that gets extended, leading to significant efficiency improvements in the work with archival collections.

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    Guide for the work with archival data using ArchiveSpark

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  • Archive Spark Jupyter NotebooksZIP

    Recipes for the work with archival data (Web archives and other) using...

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