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    Introduction to Data Curation

    This course is an introduction to data collection, data preparation & transformation and data analysis. It contains the essential concepts for a researcher in order to...
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  • Method

    Relationship between External and Internal Workloads in Soccer Players

    The use of machine learning (ML) in soccer allows for the management of a large amount of data deriving from the monitoring of sessions and matches. Although the rate of...
  • Method

    Estimation of Resting Heart Rate circadian rhythm

    Wrist-worn wearable devices equipped with heart rate (HR) sensors have become increasingly popular. The ability to correctly interpret the collected data is fundamental to...
  • Dataset

    Multilevel Monitoring of Activity and Sleep in Healthy people

    Multilevel Monitoring of Activity and Sleep in Healthy people (MMASH) dataset provides 24 hours of continuous beat-to-beat heart data, triaxial accelerometer data, sleep...
  • Experiment

    Volleyball-specific skills and cognitive functions can discriminate the level...

    The aim of this study was to investigate whether volleyball-specific skills, physical performance, and general cognitive functions differ between players of different...
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